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McDonalds – Route 1 South on the corner of Chesterfield Rd., East Lyme

Posted in Connecticut on June 25th, 2001 by pottymouth

This McDonalds has one of the classiest pee-spots of any Micky-Ds I’ve ever had the honor of defacing. A one-stall jobbie which was clean, tiled, had toilet paper (thin but quantiful), soap, hot water (that’s right- HOT WATER!), blow drier– this loo had it all. It even had as its caretaker a lovely older man who was more than willing to discuss with us McD’s legal troubles pertaining to the very bad corporate decision to include bits of cow in the french fries and then not only not disclose said quite-non-vegetarian flavoring, but to advertise the fries as if they were vegetarian by proclaiming on large signs and other printed matter “Fries Are Fried in 100% Vegetable Oil.” I mean, come on, at the very least there ought to have been an asterisk which tempered this statement with an: “However, Fries Are Coated In Something Quite The Opposite of 100% Vegetable Oil.” Really.