Managaha is beautiful and fecal

Posted in Saipan on November 20th, 2005 by pottymouth

B. and I made a last-minute decision to spend yesterday afternoon on Managaha, which is a tiny island around ten minutes by boat from Saipan that a lot of tourists go out to visit. Managaha has gorgeous white beaches and clear water that you would never know just by looking is hideously polluted with human feces. Anyway, it’s a really beautiful place, and we like to go there and pretend we’re on vacation every few weeks.

Managaha and all the other gorgeous beaches are polluted because Saipan has terrible waste management. Basically, the hotels which line the beaches here just dump sewage into the ocean. So here’s my review of the oceanic loo: Stunning. Just drop dead gorgeous. Perfect beach, water that’s about a hundred different shades of blue and green, and fish that come in more colors than your poor little brain can process. Too bad about the inevitable eventual cholera outbreak, though!

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