Litter Box Cakes

Posted in Misc on December 11th, 2005 by pottymouth

We recently read a little bit about litter box cakes – these are real, edible cakes that look like kitty litter but are actually made of German chocolate cake and crumbled cookies with tootsie rolls to look like poop. They are served in (clean) litter boxes using (clean) litter scoopers are utentils. It turns out that a lot of people like to serve these cakes on April Fool’s Day and on Halloween as a sort of saucy, spooky, witty, holiday-appropriate take on dessert.

It got us thinking: wouldn’t it be funnier to serve up a box of actual (dirty) kitty litter as a cake using (dirty) litter scoopers as utentils? You could throw in some real tootsie rolls just to throw people off a little.

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